Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Is GPS Dog Tracking?

GPS dog tracking systems can help pet owners track their four-legged favorites if they are prone to running away.

You do not need to set a micro chip now. You simply put a GPS device into a pouch on a collar around your dog's neck. You hold a GPS handheld receiver and can clearly track the pet on the screen of that device.

Dog tracking based on GPS works like any GPS (Global Positioning System). A collar device transmits a signal detected by a few orbital satellites. The GPS handheld receiver processes information from the satellites, information on the signal from the pet’s collar device, and calculates the exact position of your dog. That’s how GPS works for dog tracking.

The device can show you the exact location of your four-legged favorite freely running in as little as five seconds. So you can exactly detect how far away the animal is from you, whether it is moving and how fast, and even what the dog is doing: running or sitting.

Plus, you can set a "safety zone" or “home zone" which limits the distance the pet can go away from you. When the dog goes out of its programmed safety zone an alert is sent you with its location. So the GPS device ensures that a lost furry friend will be found with in minutes.

Why GPS dog tracking systems:
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to put them on and take off as you desire
  • Out of range is not an option of GPS
That’s how a typical dog tracking system works. It can work in three modes. Monitor Mode is the default operating mode of the system. GPS locator collar regularly checks that your dog is in the home zone. Walk Mode allows you and your furry treasure to leave the home zone for up to 45 minutes at a time; then automatically reverts back to Monitor Mode. Locate Mode: if your dog leaves the home zone or if the Walk Mode elapses before your dog is back in the home zone - the unit shifts into Locate Mode and sends an escape alert to the customer care center.

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