Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google Maps Navigation with Android Offline

Maybe the best gift from Google for Android users nowadays is Google Maps 5.7 – the offline version of Google Maps navigation. Now you can access the maps when you are in an area without a data connection.

It's a really useful feature. You can download the entire location of a map and save all the data of that map right on your Android phone. Then you can access the data in offline mode.

To download map data for specific locations, tap the "menu" button, select "More" and then "Labs". Then enable "download map area", long press on the map around the area you want save, tap on the bubble and select "Download map area". Google Maps will download the map on your Android. The downloaded and outlined map area will be within 10 miles of the selected location, as shown below.

Now you can do your Android navigation with Google map offline. It’s fine! And this is free!

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