Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Track Your Way with Law of Attraction

We all are hunters for a rare blue bird of luck

Everything happens because of the law of attraction. So they say we wouldn’t attain success any other way but according to that law.

Like attracts like – that is the essential part of the law. This means that we attract into our life whatever we think about. And what’s more – a negative thought “works” as well as a positive one. So if we want to be successful we must think more about positive things.

Everything in our universe moves and vibrates. Everything we see around us is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are we.

Everything in the universe is energy, even our thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction states that we attract what we are sending out. Positive energies attract positive energies and negative energies attract negative energies. That’s why how important what our vibrations are.

Attention to something is attraction of that something. The more attention we pay to something, the more attention it pays to us.

There is a technical method – visualization – for intensifying the energy of our thought and vibration, for more attraction of what we want. Simply see it with the utmost clarity.

It’s important what our vibrations are. The law of attraction will line up every person, event and situation to match our vibration. So when we visualize, it is important to become emotional about what we’re visualizing.

But one people are more successful than others. Why? Reasons may be different. Maybe these people are a success to avoid mistakes when sending their message to the universe, and others are not? Maybe others are not enough emotional about what they’re visualizing? Maybe their vibrations don’t raise enough to reach their goals? Maybe there are some especial difficulties in achieving one concrete purpose or another, difficulties overcome or not by the person?

Yes, it’s not easy to capture that blue bird of luck.

Some words want to be added. Just a bit words on the mysterious topic – winning the lottery. Why do some people win more often than others?

The point is that it’s a hard task, an almost unfeasible task to go from a vibration of worry to a vibration of abundance. So it’s very important to start feeling some satisfaction of our current financial situation, to look for some positive things about now, to celebrate every win, even if it’s just a dollar. This way we line up our vibrations gradually.

There is some danger with trying to go about financial abundance by winning the lottery. We don’t win each time. This negative aspect works against us. We have to apply some power to fix it. That’s why they don’t recommend expecting the lottery to solve our financial problems. We can only win from an abundant mindset!

Success comes to those who strive.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thrifty People Track Their Spending

Not everyone likes tracking spending. Some people think that it takes too much time. Others consider it’s annoying or doesn’t really help. In reality, all these are simply flimsy pretences been called to excuse human laziness. Thrifty people think so.

This nonsense is alien to thrifty people. They have some inborn inclination to those things ignored by others.

Many of the thrifty people track their spending by the following simple way.

First of all they consider that often the everyday little things cost us more than big things in the total. Just the little things are considered to be the main sourse of home savings. This strategy may seem small-minded. But the only one fact excuses it – it gives a result. A good result or an excellent one is depending on how closely a person follows the strategy.

They keep the following rule: match your budget with your bank statement. What does it give them?  They never find themselves in any unpleasant position concerned to lack of money.

Also, they do spending diaries. They make a note of everything they spend. They record bills, groceries, medical expenses, bus tickets, magazines, clothes, entertainment, and so on, everything they spend.

Then they sort records and notes by expense categories. The simplest division includes the following four categories:
  1. Income
  2. Needs
  3. Wants
  4. Investments and savings
“Income” is any money a person receives from anywhere, through one source or another.
“Needs” are any payments for basic necessities, indispensable things, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter, which a person requires to survive.
“Wants” is any money they spend extra their needs. This category may include several kinds of entertainment, knick-knackery, things for enjoy.

Then they create spreadsheets and enter collected data into the appropriate columns. This helps them see where their money is going and how they could make changes. 

A tracking period is usually a month. Then they can set some simple budget for the next month on the base of the previous period of time. They repeat this process each month.

Tracking spending helps thrifty people to make more clever decisions for making their life more intelligent and ordered.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Track Your Income from Translator Jobs

Speak two languages? Then consider tracking your income from translator jobs. You can do it keeping yourself in the comfort of your own house.

There are hundreds of companies searching for people like you who can speak two languages at least. They are very waiting for you. They have a lot of jobs for you available. They are ready to pay you good money.

Imagine huge companies like Pemex, Tesco, Berkshire Hathaway and others need translators all the time! They are simply glad to pay you good money. You cannot but track that money as your income.

Once you start up, they will show you exactly how and what to do to get paid. No matter if you don't have any previous experience as a translator. They will give you an understandable and simple step by step guide. You will know where to get these convenient jobs, how to get them, how much money you should charge, and much more!

Remember, they are really glad to pay you good money!

If I say good-bye today, I’ll be here again the day after tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Importance of Track Phone

At the present time, new cell phones become smarter and smarter, so their owners have to track them more and more – for reasons related to personal security.

It’s important to track phone in the following cases:

  1. Your cell phone gets lost
  2. It gets stolen
  3. You want to know where your child is at that moment

Statistics says that one phone is stolen every 5 seconds, and lost as well. Think well on this figure - every 5 seconds!
Also, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to find a lost phone. In fact, a modern cell phone is such a small thing that it easily gets lost.

Are you sure that nothing of the kind may happen to you? Even if you are sure, you may suddenly be deprived of your famous device at any moment. And then?! Imagine your private information stored on your smart calling machine will go to a person who you do not know. It will be unpleasant or simply terrible, depending on what you’ll lose.

People usually save on their calling devices: phone numbers, photos, maps and pictures, pin codes, passwords, names, addresses, email addresses, money tracking records, notes, and many others. Perhaps you have the same things too. That’s what is ready to fly away at any moment.

You worry about the safety of your children in this unsafe society? Now children often do not say their parents where they walk. You want to know where your child is at that moment. You want to know who she is in contact with. It’s so natural. You would like to meet your wishes by one way or another. Tracking phone is the best one.

And finally, this may help police to find the thief, if the mobile apparatus got stolen, just due to extra information given by tracking.

That’s why the people worried about personal security tend to track phone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Is GPS Dog Tracking?

GPS dog tracking systems can help pet owners track their four-legged favorites if they are prone to running away.

You do not need to set a micro chip now. You simply put a GPS device into a pouch on a collar around your dog's neck. You hold a GPS handheld receiver and can clearly track the pet on the screen of that device.

Dog tracking based on GPS works like any GPS (Global Positioning System). A collar device transmits a signal detected by a few orbital satellites. The GPS handheld receiver processes information from the satellites, information on the signal from the pet’s collar device, and calculates the exact position of your dog. That’s how GPS works for dog tracking.

The device can show you the exact location of your four-legged favorite freely running in as little as five seconds. So you can exactly detect how far away the animal is from you, whether it is moving and how fast, and even what the dog is doing: running or sitting.

Plus, you can set a "safety zone" or “home zone" which limits the distance the pet can go away from you. When the dog goes out of its programmed safety zone an alert is sent you with its location. So the GPS device ensures that a lost furry friend will be found with in minutes.

Why GPS dog tracking systems:
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to put them on and take off as you desire
  • Out of range is not an option of GPS
That’s how a typical dog tracking system works. It can work in three modes. Monitor Mode is the default operating mode of the system. GPS locator collar regularly checks that your dog is in the home zone. Walk Mode allows you and your furry treasure to leave the home zone for up to 45 minutes at a time; then automatically reverts back to Monitor Mode. Locate Mode: if your dog leaves the home zone or if the Walk Mode elapses before your dog is back in the home zone - the unit shifts into Locate Mode and sends an escape alert to the customer care center.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google Maps Navigation with Android Offline

Maybe the best gift from Google for Android users nowadays is Google Maps 5.7 – the offline version of Google Maps navigation. Now you can access the maps when you are in an area without a data connection.

It's a really useful feature. You can download the entire location of a map and save all the data of that map right on your Android phone. Then you can access the data in offline mode.

To download map data for specific locations, tap the "menu" button, select "More" and then "Labs". Then enable "download map area", long press on the map around the area you want save, tap on the bubble and select "Download map area". Google Maps will download the map on your Android. The downloaded and outlined map area will be within 10 miles of the selected location, as shown below.

Now you can do your Android navigation with Google map offline. It’s fine! And this is free!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Find a Lost Phone with GPS Tracking

Lost your cell phone and want to find it with GPS tracking? Do not hurry. How to organize the search depends on where you lost your cell phone – indoors or outdoors.

This could happen in a small limited space – a room, small garden, child sandbox, and etc. Then call your cell phone and listen for the ring or vibrate and try to locate the sound. If your handset is truly lost at one of those places then it is likely to answer. You are able to hear the phone ring in a small limited space. If you have not access to a phone try using or for free.

But maybe you lost your cell device out of a small limited space, for example, on a wide square or field, where you may not hear the phone ring. That’s why you needed to set up a cell phone GPS tracker just before losing. With the GPS tracker, you can view your cell phone lost as a dot on a map:

There is another way. If you already use SpyBubble software to spy on some phones, install it on your own cell phone too. This will cost nothing because one paid SpyBubble account lets you track as many phones as you want. You can track your lost handset with SpyBubble if you ever lose it because they provide streaming GPS information.

If you have an application installed you might be able to find out where your phone is if its battery is still live. If a battery is dead the GPS tracking will not help you to find a cell phone.

Of course, you may not know where you lost your mobile device. Then you have to search everywhere. GPS tracking will help you anyway.

If your lost phone is Android and you do not have software installed already, use Plan B - Android Apps on Google Play.

If nothing helps, file a police report by giving the IMEI number and they will find your lost electronics.

But if you firmly resolved to live without the worry and stress of having your personal and private information accessed after your phone has being lost or stolen, pay attention to the Easy Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Software.