Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Track Your Way with Law of Attraction

We all are hunters for a rare blue bird of luck

Everything happens because of the law of attraction. So they say we wouldn’t attain success any other way but according to that law.

Like attracts like – that is the essential part of the law. This means that we attract into our life whatever we think about. And what’s more – a negative thought “works” as well as a positive one. So if we want to be successful we must think more about positive things.

Everything in our universe moves and vibrates. Everything we see around us is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are we.

Everything in the universe is energy, even our thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction states that we attract what we are sending out. Positive energies attract positive energies and negative energies attract negative energies. That’s why how important what our vibrations are.

Attention to something is attraction of that something. The more attention we pay to something, the more attention it pays to us.

There is a technical method – visualization – for intensifying the energy of our thought and vibration, for more attraction of what we want. Simply see it with the utmost clarity.

It’s important what our vibrations are. The law of attraction will line up every person, event and situation to match our vibration. So when we visualize, it is important to become emotional about what we’re visualizing.

But one people are more successful than others. Why? Reasons may be different. Maybe these people are a success to avoid mistakes when sending their message to the universe, and others are not? Maybe others are not enough emotional about what they’re visualizing? Maybe their vibrations don’t raise enough to reach their goals? Maybe there are some especial difficulties in achieving one concrete purpose or another, difficulties overcome or not by the person?

Yes, it’s not easy to capture that blue bird of luck.

Some words want to be added. Just a bit words on the mysterious topic – winning the lottery. Why do some people win more often than others?

The point is that it’s a hard task, an almost unfeasible task to go from a vibration of worry to a vibration of abundance. So it’s very important to start feeling some satisfaction of our current financial situation, to look for some positive things about now, to celebrate every win, even if it’s just a dollar. This way we line up our vibrations gradually.

There is some danger with trying to go about financial abundance by winning the lottery. We don’t win each time. This negative aspect works against us. We have to apply some power to fix it. That’s why they don’t recommend expecting the lottery to solve our financial problems. We can only win from an abundant mindset!

Success comes to those who strive.

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