Monday, June 6, 2011

Calling Card Tracking: Frequently Asked Questions

People keep asking a lot of questions on calling card tracking. The number of the questions is so great that I have to group them in some related subtopics.

Can a calling card call be traced? Are phone card calls traceable?

Yes, customer services can collect call history records for some phone cards. A calling card user has access to these records.

Can I trace an incoming phone card call? Can I trace calls made from a calling card?

You can trace an incoming call made with a calling card as well as any other phone call. Whether a phone call is made with a calling card or without it can be traced by the same well known ordinary methods. If you, for instance, set up a spy software you can trace all activity of a target phone.

How can you discover where a long distance call was initiated if the caller used a prepaid calling card? Can international call made with a phone card be traced?

You can trace international calls with the same spy software.

Can calls be tracked through a phone card? Can you track a number through a phone card?

No, calling cards don't make it. Phone cards are just designed as a tool for communication. They have no extra features. They have no detective features in particular.

Can my phone number or the number I call from be tracked or shown on their screen when I use a calling card?

If your phone number will ever be displayed somewhere, it will happen not depending on your card. Because prepaid calling cards have no an appropriate function.

How to trace prepaid calling cards?

I know three ways of calling card tracing:
  • If you use a card with a maintenance fee, you can request call history records from a card's customer service: calling dates, from-to, duration, and charges.
  • PC to Phone service usually provides an online call history option. If you use a card providing such service you have access to this way of calling card tracing.
  • Also, the online call history option is especially pointed out at a feature list for some other phone cards.