Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google Maps Navigation with Android Offline

Maybe the best gift from Google for Android users nowadays is Google Maps 5.7 – the offline version of Google Maps navigation. Now you can access the maps when you are in an area without a data connection.

It's a really useful feature. You can download the entire location of a map and save all the data of that map right on your Android phone. Then you can access the data in offline mode.

To download map data for specific locations, tap the "menu" button, select "More" and then "Labs". Then enable "download map area", long press on the map around the area you want save, tap on the bubble and select "Download map area". Google Maps will download the map on your Android. The downloaded and outlined map area will be within 10 miles of the selected location, as shown below.

Now you can do your Android navigation with Google map offline. It’s fine! And this is free!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Find a Lost Phone with GPS Tracking

Lost your cell phone and want to find it with GPS tracking? Do not hurry. How to organize the search depends on where you lost your cell phone – indoors or outdoors.

This could happen in a small limited space – a room, small garden, child sandbox, and etc. Then call your cell phone and listen for the ring or vibrate and try to locate the sound. If your handset is truly lost at one of those places then it is likely to answer. You are able to hear the phone ring in a small limited space. If you have not access to a phone try using or for free.

But maybe you lost your cell device out of a small limited space, for example, on a wide square or field, where you may not hear the phone ring. That’s why you needed to set up a cell phone GPS tracker just before losing. With the GPS tracker, you can view your cell phone lost as a dot on a map:

There is another way. If you already use SpyBubble software to spy on some phones, install it on your own cell phone too. This will cost nothing because one paid SpyBubble account lets you track as many phones as you want. You can track your lost handset with SpyBubble if you ever lose it because they provide streaming GPS information.

If you have an application installed you might be able to find out where your phone is if its battery is still live. If a battery is dead the GPS tracking will not help you to find a cell phone.

Of course, you may not know where you lost your mobile device. Then you have to search everywhere. GPS tracking will help you anyway.

If your lost phone is Android and you do not have software installed already, use Plan B - Android Apps on Google Play.

If nothing helps, file a police report by giving the IMEI number and they will find your lost electronics.

But if you firmly resolved to live without the worry and stress of having your personal and private information accessed after your phone has being lost or stolen, pay attention to the Easy Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Software.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Calling Card Tracking: Frequently Asked Questions

People keep asking a lot of questions on calling card tracking. The number of the questions is so great that I have to group them in some related subtopics.

Can a calling card call be traced? Are phone card calls traceable?

Yes, customer services can collect call history records for some phone cards. A calling card user has access to these records.

Can I trace an incoming phone card call? Can I trace calls made from a calling card?

You can trace an incoming call made with a calling card as well as any other phone call. Whether a phone call is made with a calling card or without it can be traced by the same well known ordinary methods. If you, for instance, set up a spy software you can trace all activity of a target phone.

How can you discover where a long distance call was initiated if the caller used a prepaid calling card? Can international call made with a phone card be traced?

You can trace international calls with the same spy software.

Can calls be tracked through a phone card? Can you track a number through a phone card?

No, calling cards don't make it. Phone cards are just designed as a tool for communication. They have no extra features. They have no detective features in particular.

Can my phone number or the number I call from be tracked or shown on their screen when I use a calling card?

If your phone number will ever be displayed somewhere, it will happen not depending on your card. Because prepaid calling cards have no an appropriate function.

How to trace prepaid calling cards?

I know three ways of calling card tracing:
  • If you use a card with a maintenance fee, you can request call history records from a card's customer service: calling dates, from-to, duration, and charges.
  • PC to Phone service usually provides an online call history option. If you use a card providing such service you have access to this way of calling card tracing.
  • Also, the online call history option is especially pointed out at a feature list for some other phone cards.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How Does Spybubble Work to Trace Cell Phone Calls

Spybubble Review – Does Spybubble Really Work?

In this review, I’ll try to state simply and clearly what Spybubble is, what it will do for you and if it actually works. This way, you can find out whether Spybubble is something for you, or not.

Firstly What Is Spybubble

There are many reasons to do tracing cell phone calls: prank calls, locating old friends, checking up on who a child is speaking with, catching a cheating spouse, and so on. Or you simply cannot trust some people.

I can say directly and frankly: to track phone calls means to spy. Yes, exactly so! What to do?

The easy way is to get special cell phone tracking software. Spybubble is a software program which has been designed to help people to find out the truth about their child, employee, partner or anybody else by spying on all cell phone activities made.

I recommend the cheapest SpyBubble software that costs only $49.95. This program works 100% automatically after the installation process, it’s undetectable and it’s 100% safe and legal to use either.

All you need to do is install tracking SpyBubble software onto the target phone you want to spy on by following the instructions. But note: the software can work only with a smartphone. Installation is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Installed software is completely invisible and undetectable.

What Spybubble Can Work Out For You:
  • SMS tracking. You’ll get to read all incoming and outgoing messages, even if the user deletes them.
  • Call tracking. You can view all incoming and outgoing calls, the mobile numbers, frequency, duration of each call and the conversation itself.
  • Phone book access. You’ll be able to view all contacts stored in the mobile.
  • GPS location tracking. You can track the exact location of the mobile phone using Google Maps.
  • Spy on unlimited phones. One paid account will let you track as many phones as you want.

SpyBubble is compatible with Blackberry, Android, Symbian S60, Nokia, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile and iPhones. It works with almost any smartphone.

How Does Spybubble Work?
The SpyBubble software monitors and records all activity on the phone. It then sends the information to a remote server that stores the information for you. You can then view all recorded information from any computer. To access the data, you log into your Spy Bubble web account, then are presented with numerous options to view all the data uploaded.

Here's What You Can Do:
1. Register with SpyBubble
2. Pay the one-time fee
3. Login to the members area
4. Install SpyBubble onto the desired phone/s
5. Start Spying!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Cell Phone GPS Tracking Online

I already begin to understand what is this – free cell phone GPS tracking online. And now I can even put my knowledge in practice. It seems this is a pretty simple thing.

Firstly, if you have a smartphone or another GPS-enabled cell phone then you’ll almost never have difficulty with GPS tracking.

Secondly, there are many advantages and benefits of GPS cell phone tracking. Once you install this option on your handset you’ll know any time where you are and even where you were. GPS tracking will help you in case of losing your device too. Using this technology is great if you want to track your kids. All these are free.

How does free cell phone GPS tracking work online?
You sign up with a good free cell phone GPS tracker online and get a free account.
Then you install a little application on your GPS-enabled mobile phone.
The application works and periodically sends your GPS coordinates to provider’s servers.
Login to your account to see the current location of your phone plotted on an interactive Google map.
The handset you track with free GPS tracker is shown on a map as a moving dot. Its positions are updated every few seconds.
They give you access to the last 30 days of location data and allow you to remember where you were.
You can even embed your location to your personal blog, web page or social networking site, which is a fun feature if you are traveling abroad and your friends and family want to keep tabs on you.

This easy to use free cell phone GPS tracker really works great!