Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Find a Lost Phone with GPS Tracking

Lost your cell phone and want to find it with GPS tracking? Do not hurry. How to organize the search depends on where you lost your cell phone – indoors or outdoors.

This could happen in a small limited space – a room, small garden, child sandbox, and etc. Then call your cell phone and listen for the ring or vibrate and try to locate the sound. If your handset is truly lost at one of those places then it is likely to answer. You are able to hear the phone ring in a small limited space. If you have not access to a phone try using or for free.

But maybe you lost your cell device out of a small limited space, for example, on a wide square or field, where you may not hear the phone ring. That’s why you needed to set up a cell phone GPS tracker just before losing. With the GPS tracker, you can view your cell phone lost as a dot on a map:

There is another way. If you already use SpyBubble software to spy on some phones, install it on your own cell phone too. This will cost nothing because one paid SpyBubble account lets you track as many phones as you want. You can track your lost handset with SpyBubble if you ever lose it because they provide streaming GPS information.

If you have an application installed you might be able to find out where your phone is if its battery is still live. If a battery is dead the GPS tracking will not help you to find a cell phone.

Of course, you may not know where you lost your mobile device. Then you have to search everywhere. GPS tracking will help you anyway.

If your lost phone is Android and you do not have software installed already, use Plan B - Android Apps on Google Play.

If nothing helps, file a police report by giving the IMEI number and they will find your lost electronics.

But if you firmly resolved to live without the worry and stress of having your personal and private information accessed after your phone has being lost or stolen, pay attention to the Easy Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Software.


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